Meet the team

Steve Friedson

Steve Friedson - owner

builder / designer / rock climber / cook / dad

Steve has been making the world a more beautiful place one apartment at time since 1989. His passions run deep, an avid rock climber , you can catch Steve almost any weekend scaling new heights in the mountains of New Paltz. When he is off belay, Steve spends time cooking ,designing and keeping his son away from electronic gadgets.

Ben Ficalora

Ben Ficalora - partner

builder / kick boxer / cigar aficionado

Ben’s “the man”, Coming from a small town in Italy , then moving to NY, ben grew up helping his dad and brother carry bricks and cement,. Construction is in his blood, A former Union carpenter and preferred contractor for Lowes there is no one better in this business. Ben loves spending family time in his back yard with a good cigar and his thoughts and his kids.

Jeff Friedson

Jeff Friedson

flooring specialist / foodie / race car driver

With 30 years experience in flooring, no one knows floors like Steve’s brother Jeff. Jeff loves his food and spends lots of time searching the city for amazing restaurants. Driving his sports car and enjoying the finer things in life keeps him content and happy.

Richard Rivero

Richard Rivero - master carpenter

Richard is a master of detail. Woodwork is where his heart is. He is relentless in the pursuit of uncompromising quality and design. Richard’s work was featured in the prestigious Salon des Refuses competition. He lives and breathes to build things, 24/7 365!

Lisa Kyle

Lisa Kyle

interior designer / photographer / mom

Lisa’s drive, passion and vision is truly one of a kind! Simply put, she is style. Growing up in Ohio bussing tables and delivering newspapers, Lisa is a worker ( in every sense of the word). She earned a Master of Arts in Photography and began another career, in interior architecture. Lisa’s hard work is only matched by her big heart. She helps low income home owners organize their spaces, community centers, non-profits and vets. All this while being a great mom.

Jose Rodreigez

Jose Rodreigez

construction / chef

Jose moved here from a beautiful island in the Dominican Republic to our Beautiful island in New York. He is one of the happiest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Hard working, dedicated and a true problem solver, and amazing chef, we’re happy Jose chose to join our group and you will be too!

Carlos Cancio

Carlos Cancio

construction / weight lifter

Carlos loves the gym, and when he is not working as a carpenter you can catch him pumping iron in his local, Queens gym. Originally from Honduras, where he learned his craft, Carlos has continued his construction education right here in New York for the past eight years. A true master of his domain!